Coronavirus Evangelism Ideas

Our ministry is based in the UK and we are on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and our usually tract and open air ministry as had to be put on hold due to the governments social distancing measures.


We are loving our neighbours by following the governments instructions during this difficult time.  However we are also still loving the Lord and continuing our evangelism.  Below you will find some ideas of how you can evangelise during lockdown.


  1.  Pray – With extra time on our hands we can prayer for our neighbours, government and those people we known who do not known the Lord.  Pray is the start of evangelism.
  2. We can put notes through our neighbours doors who might be self isolating offering practical assistance and prayer.
  3.  You can put posters and / or banners on your windows for those that might pass your house when out on their daily exercise.
  4. Consider doing some live streaming on a social media platform, example Facebook live, you tube, zoom etc.  This would be the digital version of open air preaching.
  5. Post social media posts containing bible verses, gospel messages, Christian videos and your testimony.

Let us known if you have any other ideas and I will add them to the list.  Email ideas to


Gospel Tracts

Gospel tracts are a great way to evangelize as they can communicate a clear gospel message and the recipient can read them in their own time. They are a great way to start evangelizing, if used effectively.

Use the list below to get some inspiration on how you can use gospel tracts.

  1. Hand out at festivals and events. When handing out say “did you get one of these”. If asked what it is say “it’s a gospel tract”. I have had many one to one conversations with people while handing out gospel tracts.
  2. Hand out near local colleges and universities. When handing out you can say “something for you to read and think about today”.
  3. Use holidays, for example christmas, easter and valentines days to do street giveaways near local shops and include a gospel tract. At christmas time you can give away a small bag with candy canes, chocolate coins and a tract inside. When giving away say merry christmas. At easter you can use small foiled easter eggs and foiled chocolate hearts on valentines day.
  4. Have a look on a geocache app if their are any geocaches in your area. If so locate and put a gospel tract inside.
  5. Put inside of any parcels you may send.
  6. If you post of your ink cartridge, slip a tract inside.
  7. You can include in a card.
  8. Leave on seat on bus.
  9. Leave in phone box.
  10. Leave in changing room.
  11. Leave on train seat / table.
  12. Leave in coach seat storage.
  13. Put inside hotel room bible or draw in hotel room.
  14. Leave in baby changing units.
  15. On a community book table.
  16. In Christmas tree
  17. On a table in cafe, restaurant or pub.

If you come up with a idea that not on the list then contact us by emailing and we will add it to the list.

If you would like some free tracts then send your postal details to We can send you a pack of 12 or 52 tracts for free. That’s either one tract a month or once a week for a whole year.